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gubre.az is an agribusiness network operating under the Open Joint Stock Company "Agricultural Innovation and Supply Company", one of the leading companies in the agricultural production equipment market in Azerbaijan. The company produces agrochemicals, seeds, planting materials, etc. It specializes in wholesale and retail sales as well as import of agricultural production tools. It also provides its customers with agricultural engineer support and mobile sales services to farmers operating in remote areas. On the retail side, gubre.az is known for its trade network, offering hundreds of products of more than 50 brands to farmers through more than 200 points of sale.

High Level Service for Hardworking Farmers

gubre.az offers a wide range of services to every farmer working in agricultural areas of every region, from the most remote, hilly regions of our country. All products and materials offered to farm owners have official certificates, as well as high quality standards that meet the requirements of the modern era. At the same time, in order to work together with our farmers, our company has included foreign and local agronomists and agronomists in its team. gubre.az's services for farmers are as follows.

  • Fertilizer sales
  • Seed Sale
  • Pesticide Sales
  • Plant and Garden Supplies Sales
  • Agronomist Advice
  • Soil Analysis
  • Mobile Sales
  • Subsidized Sales

Our products are offered to all our farmers

Azerbaijan's enchanting nature and various action plans for the agricultural sector implemented at the state level create favorable conditions for our farmers to cultivate agricultural land, regardless of their region of residence. Inspired by the efforts of farm owners, gubre.az serves farmers in more than 200 outlets in different regions of our country. Therefore, people living in the regions need plant protection, feeding tools, general household items, planting and gardening materials, etc. You can easily access such products. It is also possible to order the relevant products by visiting the gubre.az website or by calling the short number 828.

Suitable for Every Farmer's Budget

gubre.az offers high-quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, modern planting equipment, etc. necessary for farm owners. sells all types of agricultural products and tools at affordable prices. The world famous "Yara Suomi OY" (Finland), "ICL" (Israel), "Tessenderlo" (Belgium), "Anorel" (Belgium), Polyamix (Poland), "Continental" (Italy) and others are available. farmers. products of local companies as well as global brands are offered. At the same time, subsidized sales and various discount campaigns for the relevant products are organized throughout the year.

The Future of Your Farm Matters to Us

The gubre.az agribusiness network provides soil analysis and free agronomist consulting services as one of the multifaceted activities aimed at the welfare of our farmers. Farm owners can take advantage of this service by contacting the short number 828 or via social media accounts. As a result, the problems and shortcomings that arise in the fields are identified by professional experts in a short time and appropriate solutions, a list of plant protection and nutrition tools that should be applied, rules of use and advice on plots are provided to farmers in general.

We are always at your service with our professional team

The Gubre.az agribusiness network, which continues to make successful contributions to the development of agriculture in our country, is constantly at the service of farmers with more than 200 sales points located in different regions. In addition to traditional events, 828 short numbers, applications on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin platforms are also implemented, as well as traditional events, in order to make it maximally easier for farm owners to own agricultural production tools and to ensure that farmers find answers to all questions that concern them. answered in the shortest possible time.


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