1. General conditions

1.1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the gubre.az Platform.

1.2. This Privacy Policy defines the rules for the collection, storage, processing, use and protection of the User's personal data.

1.3. During the User's registration, login or ordering products on the Platform, as well as in other cases of using the Platform, the User provides his/her personal data to the Platform.  Data collection can also be done by conducting surveys from Platform Users.  Participation in users' surveys is carried out with the users' permission.

1.4. The user makes a free and voluntary decision to provide personal data and any other information about himself to the Platform, and also expresses his consent to the processing of personal data and information by gubre.az or transfer to third parties for processing.

1.5. Processing of personal data is any action or set of actions such as collection, storage, use and dissemination or destruction of personal data, as well as using information (automated) systems.

1.6. The purposes of personal data processing are as follows:

1.6.1. Obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the platform's performance;

1.6.2. Expansion of the range of services provided on the platform;

1.6.3. Receiving information or advertising news from the Platform or third parties (warning about new opportunities, promotions and other news);

1.6.4. Warning and prevention of illegal or unauthorized actions of users or third parties;

1.6.5. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation;

1.7. The Platform collects the following information about Users:

1.7.1. During the use of the Platform, gubre.az collects the personal information entered by the User in the database of the Platform.  Such information may be the User's name and surname, phone number, place of order, as well as address.  If the User logs in through social network accounts, the Platform may also collect information posted on the profile of such social network.

1.7.2. The Platform may automatically collect technical information by software during access to it.

1.8. The platform, as well as gubre.az, does not collect information about racial or ethnic origin, political and religious views, occupations, membership in political parties and trade unions, criminal convictions, as well as information related to health, sex life, biometric or genetic information. and it doesn't work.

1.9. gubre.az does not provide any personal or other information submitted by Users to the Platform to unrelated third parties, except when the User gives such permission, as well as in cases provided by the User agreement or legislation.

1.10. gubre.az may provide order information to persons cooperating with the Platform or related to gubre.az in case of need.

1.11. gubre.az does not sell or rent the information and personal data provided by Users in the process of using the Platform.

1.12. The Platform User undertakes not to use the information provided by another User, without the written permission of that User, or to use such information in any other way. All information received from the User in connection with the use of the platform can only be used for the execution of orders.

1.13. The Platform User has the opportunity to partially change, delete or otherwise correct the personal and other data provided by him in the process of using the Platform at any time.

1.14. The user is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of any information and data provided by him.

1.15. gubre.az provides possible security measures to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized access by third parties.

1.16. All personal information collected and processed by the Platform is stored on a non-accessible server outside of one or more secured corporate networks. gubre.az informs all its employees who have access to the databases containing users' personal information about not disseminating information about users to third parties.

2. Cookies and similar technologies

2.1. The platform may use cookies and similar technologies to store information.  These files are used for the purpose of facilitating the use of the Platform, improving the quality and security of its services, as well as for advertising purposes.

2.2. Any information received by the Platform from the User, as well as placing cookies in the User's browser, is carried out through a warning and with the User's permission.  By continuing to use the Platform, the User consents to the storage of cookies in the User's browser.

2.3. The Platform uses cookies and similar technologies, which are stored on the User's device during the activation of the User's browser and also other similar technologies that remain on the User's device for a longer period of time.  The user has the option to block and delete such cookies and similar technologies.

2.3.1. Cookies – are data received from the Platform, stored in the User's browser, and sent to the Platform if the User visits the same data again.  Cookies facilitate the use of the Platform by recording information necessary for logging into the system and collecting statistics.  Cookies do not store personal information.

2.3.2. Similar technologies are technologies such as "flashcookies", "HTML 5 cookies" that store information in a browser or device.  These technologies may work in all of the User's browsers, and in some cases may not be fully browser-controlled and may require direct control through User-defined add-ons or devices.

2.4. Gubre.az takes all security measures to prevent unauthorized access to cookies and similar technologies.  The user undertakes to take similar security measures. gubre.az guarantees that only gubre.az and authorized suppliers of the Platform have access to cookie data.

2.5. Authorized suppliers of the Platform are companies that assist the Platform with various purposes. gubre.az uses some authorized suppliers for the provision of the services provided on the Platform to the User, as well as for the direct operation of the Platform. Such providers of services may also place cookies on the User's device through the services of the Platform (external cookies).  They may also collect other information, such as an IP address or other identifiers.

2.6. Any information collected and stored on the platform using the above technologies is used with the permission of the User.

2.7. The user can manage cookies in the browser or device settings.  To refuse the collection and storage of information, it is necessary to activate the "do not save cookies" item in the browser settings, as well as click the "clear cookies" button.

2.8. Technical information on the Platform, such as IP addresses, is used by the Platform for statistical and analytical purposes.

2.9. In order to provide high-quality services adjusted to the User's individual needs and interests, the Platform stores the User's last access data to the system.

3. Navigation and clicking

3.1. When using the platform, the pages you view, the navigation and click data on the buttons and links you click, the data like the  time you stay on a page, and the time you order, are stored to obtain. This information does not identify you and is not directly linked to your name.

3.2. It is used for the completion, analysis and development of the orders you place on the Platform, to increase the use of the Platform, to provide information in cases where it is legally necessary, and for campaigns and directions that will draw your attention to websites belonging to the Platform or third parties. This information may be shared with relevant third parties at any stage of the order at the time of order or used in the analysis and support of the use of the Platform.

4. Dispute Resolution

4.1. The settlement of any disputes that may arise in connection with the implementation of the Privacy Policy is settled according to the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

5.1. gubre.az may change, delete or update its Privacy Policy.

5.2. If the User does not agree with the introduced changes, he should stop using the Platform.  If the User continues to use the Platform, he agrees to all changes and accepts the new edition of the Privacy Policy in its entirety.

gubre.az fully guarantees the security of personal data of all its users and does not share them with any third party unless necessary.

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